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Pocket Square Testimonials

I took a gamble recently when I found a website through instagram that sold men’s pocket squares ( I, like the majority of people I’m sure, have never heard of this company before. So, I clicked the link and was immediately impressed by the sheer volume of variety for men’s hankies available. I could shop by colour or occasion, which made my life (typical man) really easy.

I eventually found a pocket square (a black one with polka dots), it looked really smart and was presented nicely on the website. It was made by Fox and Luther!? Again, I am unsure of who this company is.

3 days later the postman whom was holding a small parcel greeted me at my front door. Inside was a black box with the Fox and Luther logo on front and the lovely square inside. I was really impressed upon how quick the square arrived and how nice it was presented. The square it self, seemed lovely – I took it out and found the company logo also upon it, which I thought gave it an extra special touch.

The next day I wore my square out to a business black tie gala dinner and various people asked me about my accessory, I felt like an ambassador for Fox and Luther as I went on to tell everyone where they needed to go and pick one up and just how cheap and great value for money they are!

I thought I would take the time to write this statement as I know how valuable customer reviews can be for a new business. Once again, thank you for your service.

John - County Durham

The silk pocket square arrived today. I must express my satisfaction with the quality, exceeding my expectations. The silk looks and feels expensive, and it folds well to fit into my suit jacket pockets just right. You must take great pride in both the manufacture and personal service you offer. Overall I had a pleasant shopping experience with and will be sure to shop with you again in the near future.

Thank you to all the team at menspocketsquares!

Tom Spencer – Sussex

Today is my first day wearing my new pocket square, after receiving it a few days ago. I have already received compliments on the unique design I chose to spruce up my jacket. I need to order a few more pocket squares over the next few weeks and will definitely be ordering some more from your site. I have recommended your website to several work colleagues and I'll continue to support your business, thanks to the great products and services you offer!

Ryan– Leicester

My husband ordered 6 pocket squares from your website for him, his best men and ushers to wear at our wedding. Plain but perfect. The pocket squares made the suits look even better and the red colour matched our wedding theme perfectly. Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure the pocket squares arrived in time for our big day! My husband was overwhelmed with the quality and has already ordered two more, this time patterned ones, with no doubt they will be just as great as the ones you provided us with for our special day! Thank you!!

Laura Hewsitson – Leeds

Thank you menspocketsquares for once again for keeping my suits looking top notch! I am never disappointed with the service you offer, speedy delivery, good quality and so many designs to choose from! They are amazing value for money and I now own 4 Fox and Luther pocket squares after my most recent purchase arriving earlier this week.

Tom – Reading

I just wanted to let you know my cotton pocket square arrived today, even though I was sure I was going to get a good quality product, I was still surprised at the luxury feel the material had to it. I can see why you are running such a successful business, not only for the great prices, but you get everything you pay for and more! This pocket square compliments my new cotton tie perfectly and I'm already browsing through the site to choose my next square!

Paul Gray– Ipswich

I purchased 6 plain silver squares for my wedding last weekend and they arrived a couple of days ago. Very happy with the packaging and the quality and can’t wait for my and my best men to show them off at the wedding. Of the many thousands of spent on my wedding over the past few months, this £60 or so pounds has been by far the most valuable. Thanks for the free gift too – very much appreciated.

Greg Thirwell– Peterborough

Absolutely first class service from your customer care unit and my latest order of picket squares arrived this morning. I am very pleased with the level of quality present in each product and they are packaged extremely elegantly. A great price for a great product and I will continue to purchase from you in future. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Fox and Luther range when it is created – thanks.

Mark Allen– Swansea

I have just purchased my second lot of pocket squares and have been very happy so far with your service, quality and the user friendliness of your site. Finally a nice site that is selling something that I genuinely like, rather than some designer ship trying to charge over the odds for practically the same product. Brilliant customer service and very quick delivery.

Richard Evans– Leicester

Hey MPS, my batch of silk arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for the helpful service I recieved from your team. Not only am I overwhelemd with the quality of the pocket squares I recieved, but more than impressed with the help and recommendations I recieved from your customer service team. I have a few big events coming up over the next few months, and these pocket squares will complete my outfits for every one of them, so thank you. I look forward to wearing them and wish your business and team the best of luck in the future!

Lloyd Whisker– Cornwall

A superb collection of pocket squares for the modern man. Happy to feature them on my blog and the quality is really unrivalled. A simple versatile accessory that every man should have in his locker. My personal favorites are the plain squares and those with a subtle stripe. Pocket squares remain timeless but Fox and Luther bring them into the modern era. Keep up the hard work guys - Dillan

Dill Uppal– County Durham

I’ve just received 12 of the same pocket square that I brought as gifts for all the guys that are attending my wedding next week. I am very impressed with the quality of the goods and packaging. For the price, I wasn’t expecting much, just a cheap token to say thank you and to remember the day, but these are really nice and the three 3 gifts because I brought so many were very well received. You are an excellent company with a great business idea and I’d highly recommend other guys to shop with you.

Dale Ward– Brighton

My eight pocket squares arrived this morning for my wedding next month and I’m over the moon with their quality and look. The design I chose was silver striped and to me, they look really classy and much more expensive than the £12 each that I paid. They are packaged nicely and came the very next day. I will definitely be buying some more for casual wear in the winter, as I mix them with my favourite jacket’s.

Vimal Sudra - Crawley

Pocket squares are something I never really thought about until a few months ago. Now I have over 20 (most of them being Fox and Luther). I love the quality of the brand and most importantly the price. I love my accessories and Fox really fits the bill as to what I need. They all look unique and fresh to wear and delivery is always good. I’ve never had a problem shopping with you and would happily recommend you to others.

Paul Hibbard - Cardiff

I read a fantastic blog on your site last week on what outfits to wear when you’re wearing a polka dot pocket square. Most of the everyday garments you mentioned I have, so I therefore decided to invest in a couple of polka dot squares and I’m so glad I did. The Polka Heist pocket square is amazing and looks so nice, as well as the Red Dotted Jacket Square. Both look amazing and I’ve worn them both twice already. My brothers have since placed orders with you and are happy with their squares too. Nice quality and they arrived nice and quick too, which is a big bonus, as some I’d brought from Amazon took ages to come. Thank you Fox and Luther, I’ll be back to ship again soon.

Rian - Merseyside

I got in touch with Fox and Luther as I needed next day delivery, before my brother’s wedding, they did everything they could to help me and low and behold, the next morning, my delivery came, which I was over the moon with. Slowly learning how to match my pocket squares with my suits, shirts and jackets etc, but I’m getting there and thank you so much to Jeremy for your customer support – top man!

Alex - Borehamwood

I brought the Naughtical pocket square and absolutely adore it – looks the absolute part. Fantastic quality of pocket square and such a simple yet effective site. I don’t feel like I’m being mugged off paying around a tenner for a pocket square. Some sites want to charge like 30 quid??? Which is a joke. Good brand that’s British so I’ll be back for more in the near future.

Gary - Chigwell

I purchased ten pocket squares from you guys and am absolutely delighted with eight of them. A couple weren’t really for me and don’t match my jackets but I did take a little punt on them whilst shipping on your site. The quality of your picket squares are brilliant and the little logo design is cute too. I now have plenty of squares to mix up when I’m going out with my girlfriend or with the boys.

Ryan - Gosport

I’ve had a fantastic shopping experience with Fox and Luther. I brought 6 different pocket squares, as Christmas is coming up and I’m out quite a bit, they arrived the next day (despite not paying any extra) and the quality is superb. I love each one of them and the choice on offer is excellent too. I’ll certainly be recommending your brand/site to my mates, who are all getting into their fashion. Thank you for the quick delivery.

Richard - Bath

I’ve just placed my second order with Fox and Luther, as I loved my first delivery so much. I’ve brought a few of my friends one each too, which clears them off my Christmas to buy list. Thanks for the Black Friday gift and discount too. I’ll be buying from you again in the new year no doubt.

Steve- Chorley

My brother’s getting married on Christmas day and I need a nice pocket square to go with my suit. I selected a couple of designs and they’ve just arrived. I’m very happy with my purchase and both pocket squares are of really good quality.

Stuart - Hastings

I work in Television and needs loads of pocket squares to keep changing up my look. Fox and Luther give me the nice blend of quality and affordability that I need and thanks to you guys, I can wear a different square every time I’m in front of the camera. Lovely stuff!

Nick - Darlington

Overwhelmed with the quality of my pocket squares and absolutely love the designs. I’ve just brought another three because for the money I can’t go wrong. It probably won’t be long until I’ve got the entire range. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience every time.

Alex - Hereford

My order arrived this morning and I’m very happy with it! Just in time for my brother’s wedding on Saturday. The pocket square looks great and can’t wait to give my brother’s his as a nice little gift for the day.

Jack - Staines

I’ve used several suppliers of pocket squares in the past, but I love the variety offered by Fox and Luther. All of them are really stylish and good quality, which is the main reason I keep coming back for more. Cheers for your continued awesome service.

Rob - Fleetwood

You guys are lifesavers. I brought 24 pocket squares for my wedding guests from another company last week and I got an e-mail saying they only had 17. I called you and Lucy was so helpful in finding me a square that you had 24 of that matched perfectly to what I needed and delivery arrived the very next day Recorded delivery. Superb service and they're tucked away safe and sound waiting for my wedding day. Truly grateful thanks. Chris.

Chris - Dagenham