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Shopping Securely At Men’s Pocket Squares

Our mission is to ensure that jacket pockets all over the world have a purpose, to boast an eye-catching pocket square that gives character and life. Now in a naïve world, online shoppers would click a few buttons, enter their bank details and feel peace of mind that their product will arrive and bank balance not cheated.

However, those days are gone. We understand that in the modern world, the Internet can be a very unsafe place. At men’s pocket squares we prioritise our customers and therefore believe shopping securely online is paramount to building a strong customer base. We use an SSL encrypted website and this ensures that your information, plus payment details remain safe throughout the entire process.

It is significant to note that when shopping online for men’s pocket squares, or any other goods, that you take a note of every sites checkout URL.  If the URL in question begins with ‘https/’ this denotes that they are operating a fully secure, encrypted and valid website security certificate.

On the other hand, if the URL to every shopping cart page begins with ‘http/’ only on a website you are browsing on, your safety as an online consumer may be in jeopardy.