So, the big day’s fast approaching fellas, getting nervous? If so, don’t be and play it cool with one of Fox and Luther’s premium quality pocket squares. What better way to add a twist of style and blast of brilliance to your look than with the simplest of men’s fashion accessory?

In this week’s blog, we’ll be looking at three of our finest wedding pocket squares and showing you how a simple fold can turn your look from bronze to gold! Whether you’re wearing your square alone, or looking for one style to be worn by you and your groomsmen, Fox and Luther are more than happy to help.

When looking for a wedding men’s pocket square, subtlety is key. Now’s not the time for a bright orange polka dot square, or a bold red tartan for example. In this style setting, subtlety is king and whether it’s faint stripe or delicate pattern, choose a square that will discreetly draw attention, rather than wrestling it off your wife to be or partner.

The next rule to consider when picking your perfect wedding pocket square is the colour. Most guys opt to choose a pocket square and tie/bow tie that nicely matches to an accessory of hers or beautifully blends in with your chosen coloured suit. When it comes to a fold, it’s time to be slick gentlemen. Now’s not the time for a nonchalant stuff in your top pocket. Instead, for the big day, choose a crisp fold, slightly popping over the cusp of your pocket.

Remember gents, when it comes to choosing your perfect pocket square, Fox and Luther will be with you every step of the way. Our three of choice include the devilishly sharp Navy and Metallic Wedding Square (pictured), as well as the luxurious Stripy White Wedding Square, which is a perfect option whether you’re the groom or a guest. Alternatively, match your leading lady with the Fox and Luther Baby Blue Polka square, which adds a dash of style to your formal look.