Whether you’re a seasoned pro in the men’s fashion stakes, or a relative novice, succeeding with a silk pocket square is actually a lot easier than you may think. In today’s pocket square blog, I’ll be laying down the gauntlet to your fashion daemons, by outlining the ten key commandments, when it comes to giving your wardrobe lift off, with these simplest of style accessories. The fun doesn’t stop there either gentlemen, as I’ll also be showing you five ways to fold your silk pocket square, as well as showing off a few of my favorites from Fox and Luther’s brand new collection. So, without further ado, let’s put our cards on the table.

The main difference between silk and cotton pocket squares is that silk squares offer just that little bit more eye catching shine, as well as a greater foldability. Patterns of silk pocket squares are generally a lot more flamboyant and complex, depending of course on the manufacturers woven expertise. It’s crucial to keep your silk squares clean, to befit the edgy and fresh cut persona you’re trying to create with your entire outfit. Remember to wear them with utter nonchalance too and never, I repeat never, use your pocket square to blow your nose. Instead, purchase two and keep the second in your back pocket, ensuring one’s for show and the other is hidden away for blow.

Get to grips with your basic colours first and foremost guys, before experimenting with a wider variety of silk pocket squares down the line. Every gents collections should contain the neutral colours of black, grey, white and silver, before moving onto pastel shades of red, yellow, blue and green. Thereafter, the choice is completely up to you.

Whilst we applaud flamboyance, you don’t want to look like you’ve been caught up in an explosion at a paint factory, so be aware of what colours go nicely together, to ensure you’re not over stepping the mark, when it comes to peacocking. We prefer the night owl approach when it comes to silk squares and subtlety will often take you further. We wrote a piece in last week’s blog, letting guys know how to best match their pocket squares to ties and shirts etc., with the most important rule coming from this being that any silk pocket square, should not match your silk tie exactly, instead, have a casual flow of the same colour through both pieces and I promise you, you’ll be turning more than just heads.

Finally, a few other rules. Don’t fold your pocket square around cardboard or anything else to give it your desired shape. Learn the art of the fold and you’ll soon be rocking A-List fashion, without the need for an entourage of stylists. Don’t be afraid to experiment either, there are thousands of silk squares out there that are just begging to be tried, providing you’re prepared to combine them with the right coloured jackets and blazers. You don’t even have to spend a fortune when it comes to silk pocket squares either gents, usually £12-15 is more than enough to get your hands on a good quality hand-made piece.

There are a few folds that look really good when you deploy the power of a silk pocket square. Start off with the basic Presidential fold, which is essentially folding your square in half twice, before slotting down into your pocket. Alternatively, the one, two or three point pocket square folds tend to work really well, with your chosen number of points nonchalantly peeking out of the pocket of your chosen jacket. Finally, the puff fold looks stunning when worn with an outrageous solid colour or nicely patterned pocket square. The easy care-free nature of the puff fold can really match your personality, or if you’re Mr. Serious, trying to wind down at a casual city event.

My top pics of course, have to come from the Fox and Luther range of pocket squares, which I’ve included in this blog. The blue and grey patterned square is perfect for the more mature man, whilst the turquoise option boasts an abundance of youthful charm – both equally appreciated by myself at the grand old age of 27. The subtle definition of the pink/purple silk pocket square (right) just screams style and is the perfect pocket square for a summer party, event or wedding. Meanwhile, the blue and red polka dot options have been reserved for the most outlandish fashion connoisseur, prepared to match his pocket square to other fashion accessories, such as socks, watch straps and even hats. There’s simply a little bit for every man out there in these five, but feel free to browse through Fox and Luther’s entire collection, if you’re looking for a little bit more fashion inspiration.