The sun is shining, the grass green, the sky blue and the temperature is warming. Its summer! We know at men’s pocket squares, that when the sun shines – you SHINE! But don’t you want to shine just that little more than the next man this year? Of course you do! Well, look no further than our Fox and Luther Pocket Square summer collection and best picks for 2016. These little hankies are sure to spruce up your pocket and bring sunshine into any ladies life. We’ve chosen our favorite 3, but if these don’t tickle your pocket, view our extensive range of over 80 products online right now.

Pick 1: Fox and Luther Thinly Striped Baby Pink Pocket Square - This gorgeous pink number is floral yet elegant whilst still packing a manly punch when tucked into a sharp royal blue suit. The silk material magnifies the man’s tan and gives him a summer glow - Now £12

Pick 2: Fox and Luther Green Stripe Mens Pocket Square - Subtle lime green colours give this hankie am exotic feel which personifies the look of summer without the tangy bitterness. This gorgeous silk pocket square sits beautifully in the pocket of most suits and is a real eye catcher – Now £9

Pick 3: Fox and Luther Baby Blue Polka Dot Square - The polka dot is a timeless pattern. Man cant shy away from the dotty beauty of this square. The gorgeous sky blue colour is again another great summer look. The light colour accentuates skin tone and shouts “look at me I look good!” – Now £12

Remember, it’s the year of the pocket square! Your jacket needs a companion; let it embrace beauty… for then beauty can embrace you!