Red Pocket Square

The colour of passion and love, every modern man should shave a devilishly red pocket square amongst his collection. A daring colour, yet hugely rewarding in the fashion stakes if you pull it off right, a red pocket square should be something cherished and adored. But how do you wear them? Red Pocket Squares and hankies look great with a crisp fold nonchalantly poking out of the pocket of your favorite jackets. Use the four mountains pocket square fold or the two point version, for more formal wear or the Puff pocket square fold for the more relaxed occasion when worn with an unbuttoned shirt.

It's important, if you’re going red that you choose a jacket that nicely enhances the tone of your square. A soft grey, brighter blue or even white colour really work well when you’re ready to go red in your endless pursuit of style perfection. A great tip is to wear red chinos with your pocket square to achieve a subtle flow throughout your entire outfit and if you really want to push the boat out, why not a red jacket of a slightly darker tone, to elegantly match your new accessory?

Another kind of matching you can achieve is to your bow tie. A red pocket square and matching bow tie really does look the part, but if you’re a sucker for tradition and prefer to wear a tie, do not and I repeat, do not, wear a red tie, The colour flow is just too much between both accessories, which will not do you any favors in the style stakes. Combine a red pocket square with a tie that matches your chosen jacket’s colour and if you really have to include red, go for a subtle pattern with just a hint of red in your tie.

Picking the perfect red pocket square is actually quite simple. A plain red silk will work very nicely in most outfits, but so does a soft stripe or polka dot. A checkered or patterned red can be worn for more relaxed social wears and in wearing both of those a Double Point Roll Pocket Square Fold really gives your look some added fire! Fox and Luther do a great range of red squares and slotting one into your collection need not cost you the earth. Until next time gentlemen, good luck!