Whether it’s business as usual in the city, a curious casual at the weekend, or a special occasion on the horizon, the opportunities to show off you latest silk pocket square are definitely on the rise as their popularity returns with an almighty bang. Unlike their cotton cousin, the traditional men’s hankie, silk pocket squares open themselves up to a greater variety of folds with their slick foldability. If you’re looking to put your latest square in the spotlight, Fox and Luther can definitely help you on your ever growing pursuit of style perfection.

Fox and Luther are the explorers of infinity on your fashion journey’s gentlemen and mastering the art of the pocket square may just prove to be your finest ever mover. So, here’s how exactly you can make a silk square work just right for you.

Firstly, add a dash of panache to your Dapper Chapper persona and emulate the style creativity of some of the biggest A-List celebs, such as George Clooney and David Beckham with the versatility of a silk pocket square. Remember, never to match it to your tie, instead, simply match your square to your ties secondary colour, or vice-versa, allowing for a subtle colour flow through both pieces. If you wish to go a step further, experiment with a bow tie for the more formal occasion.

Secondly, use the pinch and stuff technique to master the perfect nonchalant wear. Pinch the silk pocket square in the center and stuff it into your pocket for the perfect point. Ideal for the more relaxed look, a dinner party or evening at a musical might just be the place to opt for this look.

Next, it’s important to be brave when choosing your pocket square. Match colours to the occasion you’re wearing it for, such as a brave festive red at Christmas, or subtle pink for a garden party. It’s important to be bold when choosing the design too. Silk pocket squares typically boast more intricate designs, so don’t be put off by a floral pattern either, it will look a lot less out there once peeking out of your favorite jacket or blazer.

It's also important to think about your entire outfit gentlemen, not just your jacket or matching tie. If you’re in business for a pocket square, don’t let a wardrobe clanger damage your reputation. If you’re going casual, do so with a casual fold and insert. If you’re going for the ultimate in formal, make sure you achieve crisp lines with your pocket squares folding. One important thing to remember, is if you’re wearing smarter shoes, a more formal look to your silk pocket square is needed.

Finally, always start with the basics when building your silk pocket square collection. Go for plain solid colour or subtly bordered pocket squares, such as baby blue, navy, silver, white and yellow. Build your entire collection around these neutrals and be more daring as you quickly learn the art of manliness.